The state of E-Sports at FHSU

Advanced Technology Student Organization and TigerLAN are proud to announce the formation of a new subgroup... TIGER LAN E-SPORTS. We have teams for Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Smash Bros., League of Legends, etc.

TigerLAN E-Sports Banner

As some of you may know, ATSO had a team compete in the last season of Heroes of the Dorm. After that tournament we have been striving to find more ways to get involved in collegiate E-Sports. Recently enough members came forward and we have created a new subgroup called TigerLAN E-Sports. We have teams competing next week in a collegiate Hearthstone tournament and Tespa's Collegiate Series for Overwatch.

Some of you reading this may be thinking how could this be a collegiate sport? E-Sports may not be physically challenging but they are intellectually challenging and require a fine-tuned thought process to play some of these games at a competitive level. 

E-Sports is quickly surpassing physical sports in viewership. In fact League of Legends championships draw in 18,000 people to watch the game unfold before them in a stadium filled with fans while online an estimated 50 million people watch on platforms like twitch. 

ESPN broadcasts games from the Heroes of the Dorm tournament on ESPN 2 and 3. They also regularly broadcast other tournaments on those channels as well. 

NBA franchises are buying up E-Sports teams. 

Shaq owns 40% of an E-Sports team.

Multiple college campuses (ex. University of California Irvine) are heavily supporting E-Sports and have official teams.

 We at ATSO and TigerLAN E-Sports aspire to achieve full support from Fort Hays State University as we represent the University in our upcoming competitions.

Posted by Nathaniel Lanier on September 27, 2016