Featured Professor - Jana Zeller

Congratulations to Jana Zeller, of the Nursing Department, for being selected as the Featured Professor of October for her excellence in teaching Health and Illness I and more! The nominee had the following praises of our Featured Professor:

“Jana makes teaching enjoyable which is a very difficult thing to do. She is very knowledgeable about the course matter and does her best to bring in personal experience. She has and currently works as a nurse so her insight is very helpful to the learning experience. She presents the information in a way that is very interesting and makes you want to learn more. She also understands what it is like to be a nursing student and helps us through our own struggles. On top of her excellent teaching methods, Jana is available to answer any questions that I might have relating to any of the classes I am enrolled in. She is a very kind and giving person and that really reflects both in and out of the classroom. You get the feeling that she will be there for you throughout your academic career which is a wonderful thing. I enjoy going to Jana's classes and never miss a day!”

Thank you for your dedication to the students of Fort Hays State University!


Posted by Reinette Strydom on October 8, 2015